What Men Dare Do! "O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!"

So You Think You’re a Male Feminist?

So, you think you're a male feminist?  "What now?" you ask.

Being a male feminist isn't easy.  You're going to get called out by a lot of people for "betraying" your gender, "playing for the other side" and that kind of crud.  People whom you may known before you were a feminist might not quite under the new you.  You might not understand the new you.  Relationships (platonic and romantic) can be trickier now.  So what now?

You're also going to get some crap from other feminists.  A lot of feminists have some darn good reasons to be suspicious of male feminists and man who are active in feminist movements.  It's a difficult position to new male feminist is in -- leaving one viewpoint and not fully accepted into another.

The following column is a collection posts written specifically in mind for the man new to the movement, perhaps still questioning what it's all about exactly, and wondering where he should go.

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